What is the readership reach for Amador Community News?
ACN reaches literally thousands all over Amador County! All of our news blog posts are shared on our very popular Facebook page (Facebook.com/AmadorCounty), Twitter (Twitter.com/Amador411) and the Main Page post is shared in several regional Facebook groups in Calaveras, Sacramento and the Stockton/Lodi areas.

What can I have published for free on ACN?
Newsletters (monthly/seasonal), community briefs, press releases, public notices/announcements, Letters to the Editor , guest commentaries, blog posts and...we do include and share your Facebook events.
If you have a posting on your Facebook page or group that is newsworthy and you'd like us to share, please let us know (Facebook.com/AmadorCounty)
For more information and acceptable formats for your submissions, click on the link below:

How much is it to have my event flyer/poster published on ACN?
It's $5/month. Yes, month.
If you know you will have several monthly or annual events throughout the year, it is more economical to be a Supporting Advertiser for just $50/year. Yes, year. Pay once, and your done for the entire year.
Everything is done via e-mail. Send your posters/flyers and any other pertinent info to:
For more information on advertising, click on the link below:

Why do you charge for advertising?
Because, as a staff of one, managing a daily community news blog and social media for an entire county takes a lot of time and work.
Now, the reason I don't charge an arm and a leg is because I know how difficult it is to promote your business or organization on a tight budget. I figure, $5 isn't going to break anyone's budget.
I'm also more about the community's content rather than catering to an exclusive advertiser base. There should be room for everyone when it comes to promotion, especially for our local small businesses and services. Shop local!

I already have a Facebook page, why do I need advertising/promotion on ACN?
ACN has created the most affordable, effective platform for Amador County's local businesses and organizations. It's not enough to just post to your Facebook page; you need a means of effective promotion. Very few will know about your business or events if you only have a dozen hits by a few of your friends. We have often increased the reach by over 300% for many of our advertisers, simply by sharing (or even boosting) their post.
We have over 7,200 Likes and followers on our Facebook page. We publish, share and promote daily, Monday through Friday, and our "one-click-gets-you-there" Main page, Amador.news, is like a one-page online "newspaper", so readers won't get lost with multiple clicks and searches.
In three words? Significantly increased visibility!

Do you publish political ads/campaigns?
Yes, it's the same as regular advertising - $5/month, or $50/year for unlimited advertising and promotion. Keep in mind that ACN is a non-partisan, politically neutral community media platform, and does not endorse political parties or candidates.

How long has ACN been around?
This April 2019 will be twelve years. ACN started out as a simple community bulletin board-type web site in April of 2017.
For more information about ACN, click on the link below:

How can I send my content?
E-mail is the best. carol@amador.news (amador dot news). You can also PM me on Facebook.
Press releases, community briefs, please send as a DOCX (Word) document. No PDFs, please.
Event flyers/posters, please send as a JPEG or PNG file.
Newsletters, please publish to your web site first, then notify me that it has been published. E-mail marketing campaigns such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp will be published to an ACN blog post, and then linked from our main page. Newsletters are posted in the right side bar under "Local Newsletters" for the entire month. Seasonal newsletters (Spring, Summer, Fall Winter) are generally posted through the seasonal quarters.

For more information about Amador Community News, contact:
Carol Harper, Editor

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