Friday, November 30, 2012

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Monday, November 26, 2012

ACN Updates - Mon Nov 26

Good Monday morning, Amador County, and happy "last week of November"!
Well, I've made the move to Sac, safe and sound, and sorting through the chaos of boxes and "stuff". Thank you all for bearing with me during this transition! I'm pretty much back in the saddle and rearin' to go, so be sure to send me your announcements at:, and I'll get 'em up for ya!

If you are on Facebook (all 3,660 of you!)...posts are being updated now, Friend me today! :)

For the rest of yas not quite hip on on the individual departments (above) for the latest and greatest, and/or subscribe to the community email group via email to, and Loraine will get you goin' and keep you informed. Most of what you see via her emails are posted on ACN, but I do get some announcements and updates that she does not, so be sure to check in often. BIGGEST thanks to you, Loraine rock!

It's only $5/month to post an event flyer, or $50/year for unlimited flyer postings and announcement. Event flyers are the fastest and most effective way for me to get your information up to Amador County's populace, so if you have one, send it on and I'll e-invoice you later. The most important thing is to get your info up so the rest can be informed.

Your support of Amador's community media means a LOT to this readership. It's not easy being a staff of one, and it takes a lot of time to update ACN's [relatively new] blog. Biggest thanks to our existing supporting advertisers, and I plan on working with so many more of you in 2013!

To our readers? What can I say...for the past five years, you've been consistent and encouraging. The words, "thank you" don't seem enough, for it is you that has kept ACN going strong.

Have a wonderful holiday season! I am up in "The County" often, so don't hesitate to email me or FB message me to get together for coffee or lunch!

All my best to you,

Carol Harper, Editor