Friday, July 13, 2012

Amador County Fair Provides Eclectic Entertainment for All Ages

PLYMOUTH, CA. Where else, but the Amador County Fair can you meet a wheelwright who traveled the United States by covered wagon and a rifle-toting Mountain Man shopping on the midway, then listen to a unique Celtic rock band called Tempest or the city sounds of Maxx Cabello Jr.? Then The Spazmatics (who just got some notoriety for playing at Drew Barrymore's wedding) take you back to the eighties.

The Amador County Fair, July 26-29th, is an amazing collection of old and new, traditional and trendy. You can gorge on the once-a-year guilty pleasure of Fair Food, then taste fine award-winning wines with the Amador Winegrowers on Friday night, or hoist a microbrew at the Brew Tastings on the weekend.

“We have to keep things fresh and exciting for our Fair visitors,” says Troy Bowers, CEO of the Fair. “But we need to keep our traditions alive as well. The Fairgrounds is a living history museum that we don’t want to abandon.”

He is speaking of the permanent exhibits that are as much a part of the Amador County Fair as the carnival and corn dogs.  Visitors flock to see the turn of the century sawmill using steam power to cut massive logs, to watch as ore is stamped at the Pokerville Gold Mine, or to see the Mountain Men reenact an old saloon fight.  Alongside the whirling, twirling neon of the carnival, the daily antique tractor parade chugs along.

As usual there are hours of fun things for kids to do that don’t cost parents a nickel, including free admission on Thursday until 6:00 pm. All kinds of fun activities await in the 49er Kids Town, they can laugh and learn how to juggle with the Jumbo Shrimp Circus and they can learn about Amador County’s Miwok culture under the willow-branch-covered round lodge, where they can make and take home a craft project.  At the Gold Mine they can pan for gold, though they probably won’t end up rich!

There’s a charge for entertainment in the Grandstands Friday through Sunday, but that won’t stop capacity crowds at the Truck Pulls on Friday night, the Rodeo on Saturday and the packed Destruction Derby on Sunday.  Buying your reserved seat in advance is a good idea. Thursday night the arena will host the Mutton Bustin’ preliminary round with the finalists going on to compete during the rodeo. "Pay What You Can" donations are requested to watch the Mutton Bustin'.

The Fair wouldn’t be the Fair without everyone in Amador County working, volunteering, or dropping by.  From manning service club booths, to monitoring buildings, to sponsoring various items and activities, residents of Amador County are very involved in the annual event.  The exhibit halls are filled with art, quilts, baked goods, preserves, needle arts, plants and flowers, gems and minerals, and Junior projects.  The barns bustle with animals tended by 4-H and FFA youth, show rings, and with parents not far away making sure all is well.

Tickets are available on line and you can save on Fair admission and Carnival rides. Reserved seats for Grandstand Events and the Wine Tasting on Friday night are available in advance as well. For more information about the Amador County Fair, July 26-29th, visit

Thursday, July 12, 2012

CAL FIRE: Heat Related Fires and More

CAL FIRE: Heat Related Fires and More

Camino – “With hot summer weather upon us, everyone needs to be pay attention to what can cause a fire, either in a structure or outdoors, and work towards preventing a fire” cautions Unit Chief Kelly Keenan of the Amador-El Dorado Unit of CAL FIRE.  “There are several large fires burning in the northern part of California which are causing a drawdown of our firefighting resources, this means we may have less equipment to respond to a local fire.  It is everyone’s responsibility to be extra vigilant at times like this” adds Chief Keenan. 

Things to check for that may cause a fire: 

 Old electrical wiring or illegal electrical work can overheat and cause a fire when there is an increased demand on the wiring due to hot summer days.  Have a licensed electrician make sure your wiring is up to code.

  Debris piles that were not extinguished completely, they can smolder underground for day, weeks or even months then surface and cause a wildland fire which can catch your home on fire.  Check old burn piles and make sure they are not still hot.  Use a shovel and lots of water to drown the fire out.  Don't forget, burn permits have been suspended.

  Make sure propane tanks are properly installed and maintained.  Contact your propane dealer for advice.  If you use a small propane tank for your barbeque, make sure it is properly installed and maintained.  If it’s in need of repair, don’t delay.

  Properly store and secure all flammable liquids such as gasoline, propane, linseed oil, etc.  Do not store them in a garage that is attached to your home.

  Do not use a riding lawn mower to cut dead, dry weeds as this can cause the lawn mower to catch fire as well as the wildland.  They are designed to cut green grass not dead vegetation.

  Make sure all gas powered equipment (chainsaws, weed eaters, lawn mowers, etc.) are in good working order including a spark arrestor.  Do not use gas powered equipment after 10 am or before 7 pm, in fact when the weather is extremely hot, do not operate gas powered equipment at all, wait for cooler weather to arrive.

  Do not drive off into the weeds as your vehicles hot exhaust system can cause a fire when it comes into contact with the underside of your car, truck, ATV, etc.

  Never leave food cooking on a stovetop or in an oven unattended.  If you must leave, take a timer, or cooking implement with you to remind yourself.  Cooking fires cause nearly 90% of kitchen fires.

  Never leave candles or incense burning unattended.  Blow out the candle or incense before leaving the room, even for a few minutes.

  Make sure your electrical outlet is not overloaded and use surge protectors as needed. 

  Never run electrical cords under throw rugs or area carpets.  Do not string two pronged extension cords end to end to reach an appliance, television, etc.  They are not designed for this use and can overheat and cause a fire.  Invest in a grounded (three prong) extension cord that is designed for your needs.

“I strongly encourage everyone to take a few minutes and walk through your home and garage and make sure it is fire safe.  If you find that there are things you need to correct, get them done now before it is too late.  CAL FIRE is always ready to respond to emergencies of any kind 24/7, but it is heartbreaking when we see someone’s home destroyed by a fire that could have been prevented” says Chief Keenan. 

For more information on fire and life safety, go to CAL FIRE’s website at or contact CAL FIRE at(530) 644-2345 for free fire prevention materials. 

Amador Community News - This Weekend, July 13-15 2012

 Amador Community News
Have an awesome weekend, Amador County!
This weekend, July 13-15, 2012


TGIF SUMMER CONCERT SERIES: Two Tone Steiny, Volcano Amphitheater – Friday, July 13 at 6PM,

July 13 – Friday Karaoke
July 14 – Full Circle Band (10PM)

MAIN STREET THEATER WORKS: The Taming of the Shrew
Through July 21!

Shows start at 8PM
Friday July 13 – The Pine Needles
Saturday, July 14 – California Guitar Trio


Saturday – Sutter Creek, 8-11AM
Sunday – Jackson, 10AM-1PM

AMADOR HIGH SCHOOL ’91 & ’92 REUNION – Saturday, July 14
See flyer at and on Facebook at

AMADOR CITYS’ 6TH ANNUAL WINE, ART & MUSIC FESTIVAL - Fri July 13 Local artists will be sharing their creative works and musicians will be filling the evening air with familiar songs as you stroll along Historic Main Street in Amador City.

Join Amador County Master Gardeners on Saturday, July 14th from 9am to noon for a free class on Composting and Worm Vermiculture. This class is being held at the GSA Building, 12200-B Airport Road in Jackson.

ROARING CAMP IS OPEN! It's time to get away from the "metro madness"! Plan your Summer weekenders and vacations in Amador County!

More sites of interest:



Over The Edge -- 73 Main, Sutter Creek, CA – Friday, July 13, 2012 6-9pm
73 Main offers wines by the glass, live music and light food. The local band, Over The Edge will by playing Friday, July 13 from 6-9pm. An event fee of $10/pp ($5/pp for wine club members) includes the music and endless pizza. Bring your blanket or lawn chair and relax on our lawn while enjoying the evening.

Sizzlin’ Summer BBQ at Deaver Vineyards
Sunday July 15th, Sunday, 11:00am – 4pm
Summer is in full swing at Deaver Vineyards.  Tempt your taste buds with food hot off the grill and amazing wine to quench your palette.  We Roast Pigs BBQ & Catering will be here with another great lunch for your family.  This weekend it’s excellent pulled pork sandwiches with your choice of chips or potato salad. Phone:  209-245-4099

Coming up July 26-29

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


• Amador Supervisors voted to end a 60-year Amador Plan with Cal-Fire for off-season personnel and equipment.

• Jackson disburses TOT funding to five groups, holds funds for one.

• November ballot candidate declaration period opens Monday, July 16.

• Amador County, Jackson Rancheria will discuss dispatching partnership.

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