Be a Supporting Advertiser!

Be A Supporting Advertiser!
For just $5/month or $50/year!

Event flyers/posters: $5/month
Please e-mail ( flyer/poster as a JPEG (preferred), PNG or PDF file. Submit them at least 2-4 weeks prior, for the most effective promotion.

Flyers/posters are published...
- Either on on Media blog page, or linked directly to your web site. Let me know how you want it published.
ACN's Main Page, in our "News & Announcements" when received, then as a link in the Community Calendar. It will also be published/linked in left side bar, in order by date.
On Facebook: Flyers will be shared on ACN's Facebook ( once received, then on our Facebook cover banner on the week of your event.
NOTE: If you have also created a Facebook event, please be sure to notify me so I can also include it in ACN's Facebook's "Upcoming Events".

For payment options, click here...

Banner Ads (premium): $10/week
E-mail banner ads to as a JPEG or PDF. Submit them at least 1 week prior, for the most effective promotion.
NOTE: You can also have your graphic artist e-mail me your ads, any size, vertical or horizontal.

Banner Ads are published...
- On ACN's Main Page and/or our Media Page within the relevant month.
- As ACN's Facebook Profile graphic on the week of your event. NOTE: If two or more banner ads are competing for promotion that week, we will trade off promotion daily between the ads.

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Supporting Advertisers: $50/year
Yes, year! If you have several events/promotions throughout the year, this is the option for you!
Supporting Advertisers get UNLIMITED media and promotion (all of the above, plus newsletters, releases, announcements, etc.) for an entire year, plus...
Your logo ad linked to your web site on the Main Page or Media Page.
Don't have a web site? Supporting Advertisers get a FREE blog page on ACN!
E-mail ALL media and promotion to:

For payment options, click here...

Thank you for your support of
Amador's community media!

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