Saturday, July 21, 2012

Community Groups & Organizations

  • Coronado Stone Products sponsors Upcountry Community Center
  • Civil Air Patrol Squadron Plans Open House - Thurs July 26
  • TSPN: Tom Slivick talks with Tammie Crabtree, Executive Director of Operation Care about her organization's new advocate assistance center in Pine Grove.
  • Amador Child Abuse Prevention Council - Meeting on Mon July 23

Art, Music & Theater -

  • Sutter Creek Theater Presents: IMAGINE - A Tribute to the Beatles, Sat July 21
  • New paintings by Lynn Slade at Gallery 10
  • Amador 1st Sat Art Trek is on August 4th
  • Arts Networking Open House Aug 23 in Ione
  • Sutter Creek's 14th Annual Ragtime Festival
  • Hanford Street Gallery: "Salt Granite Spruce" Color Mezzotints by James Groleau

Amador Living & Recreation

Amador Living & Recreation -
Sierra Travel Newsletter - "Travel Chatter" JULY 2012
TSPN: Amador County Pre-Fair walk around tour
TSPN INTERVIEW: Artist Rand Huggett
CAL FIRE: Preparing for Evacuation - Are You Ready to Go?
Motherlode Harvest Newsletter

TSPN News...

• Rand Huggett was recognized by the Western Fairs Association recently for creating his 29th consecutive Amador County Fair poster, 'Barn in the USA'.

• Amador Supervisors discuss voluntary design and architectural guidelines for a future General Plan workshop.

• Ione Business & Community Association mixer included a tour of the newly remodeled Ione Public Library, done with local business and community efforts.

• Fire restrictions were activated this week on all BLM-managed public lands in the Mother Lode district, including Amador County.

• Jackson Rancheria to host pay-per-view UFC 149 Saturday in its Grand Oak Ballroom.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Amador Community News - This Weekend, July 20-22

Have a great weekend, Amador County! Stay cool out there...

Check out the following departments for what's going on this weekend in "The County":

This is the last weekend to see MSTW's "The Taming of the Shrew"! Don't miss it!

Sutter Creek Theater presents: Imagine- A Tribute to the Beatles
Saturday, July 21 at 8PM

The Steven Charles Band is performing at the Preston Castle - Sat July 21
Only $10 admission!

Amador Farmers' Markets this weekend:
Saturday - in Sutter Creek
Sunday - in Jackson
From Foothill Charter School: PUBLIC MEETING - Wed July 25 at 6:30PM
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Thursday, July 19, 2012


• Amador County Fair boasts eclectic mix of entertainment
• AWA pondered future agenda topics but canceled a special meeting on Community Facilities District
• Consensus Group inspects slash piles on Shake Ridge as SPI looks to sell 935 tons to Buena Vista Biomass Power
• State Fair award winning Amador grown grape wines will be among fine wines poured at the 2012 Amador County Fair
• Calif. Dept. of Insurance issues warning letter regarding bogus checks, and urges verification and reporting of questionable checks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thinking about Patti...

There are some pains that are bearable, some that are semi-bearable. But knowing that one of the greatest human beings I've ever known in my life has passed on to bigger and better things in the Universe brings special kinds of tears to my eyes that identify what is unbearable...and Patti Busch was one of those human beings.

My random thoughts, in much grief...

To me, Patti was a quiet storm. Her voice and opinions carried much weight, nothing ever trivial, always with a grace that was truly her own. I loved my time with her before whatever community meeting du jour we were "partners in crime" with. I listened intently to her advice, her counsel, her ideas...and I never had to worry about anything with Patti at the helm. She was always on it, and then some. But what I admired most about her was that she always spoke the plain truth, whether it hurt or not. She was real...never plastic, never a fake, never a schmoozer, never a facade that came up to you in want of something. I always loved her ability to fire back reality checks with unequivocable wisdom and grace.

We talked a lot, off the record. I never had to question her; with Patti, there were never questions, only answers. In my worried weaknesses, I could always count on her to get me back on track. What does worrying accomplish? I needed a graceful swan like Patti in my life...beautiful, radiant, gliding on the surface...but what you didn't see was the "underwater" activity of a brilliant heart, mind and soul.

Patti was not only the face and icon of The Celtic Knot, but of Jackson and Amador County...and was always so very accomodating of me on my random, caffeinated appearances! Didn't have to, but I always apologized for my bloody Welsh heritage as I would browse their wares...and she, of course, was always forgiving! Hahaha. What an amazing store. What an amazing woman. What amazing memories.

She was one of the beautiful faces in a crowd, and supportive of talent. I remember when beloved Kay was dying, when Meghan and I were plunking around on the piano and singing...Patti was watching us from the kitchen, smiling her beautiful smile. I could always tell that she loved and appreciated musical talent. I can only imagine that both Patti and Kay are waiting for us lowly Earthlings do the music of Heaven justice. For me, there are no words...just music. For Patti, I think she could hear the frequency channels of both Heaven and Earth.

I wrote a piano solo many years ago, and it had remained untitled until now.  Through my thoughts, prayers and tears, I think I now have a title for it:


Carol Harper, Editor
Amador Community News

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 Questionable Checks Should Be Verified or Reported 

The California Department of Insurance (CDI) today announced that some checks bearing the name of the Department and purportedly signed by the Insurance Commissioner are fraudulent.

Recently, checks have been circulated and presented as a “payment” or “refund” from the CDI; however, the Department does not issue checks such as these and is warning consumers and businesses to be on alert if they are presented with a check of this type.

Investigators report that the fraudulent checks have been found in Southern California and five other states, with values between $2,000 and $5,000.

Any consumer or business that questions the validity of a check, or persons with information about this fraudulent activity, should contact the CDI at (909) 919-2200.

Sent by Laurie Webb

Also posted in:

Motherlode Harvest Newsletter
Also posted in:

CAL FIRE: Buy It Where You Burn It

Camino – Firewood can transport insects and/or disease that are often times not visible to people which means you can end up spreading pests (insects) and diseases that can devastate our local forests if you buy and move firewood from outside our county into our county. CAL FIRE and the CA Firewood Task Force are asking the general public to buy only locally cut firewood where they plan to burn it.Furthermore, if you plan on camping and travelling outside the area, get your firewood from the area you are going too, do not transport wood from your backyard as you may be spreading diseases and pests and leave unburned firewood where you bought it.

Examples of insects and diseases that can affect the forests in our area are:

The Goldspotted Oak Borer (an invasive beetle in San Diego County likely brought into the state on firewood) has killed tens of thousands of oak trees all over San Diego County since 2004 when it was first found. 

Sudden Oak Death is a disease found on the CA coast and as far east as Solano County and has killed tanoaks and oaks from British Columbia to California. 

Pine Pitch Canker is a disease affecting pine trees (Grey Pines and Douglas Fir and threatening commercial species such as Sugar Pine and Ponderosa Pine) and has been found along most of the California coast encompassing over 23 million acres.

“By taking simple steps to prevent the spread of insects and disease living in your firewood, you can keep our forests healthy and productive. Anyone of these diseases can potentially devastate our forests leaving behind acres of dead and dying trees primed for wildfires, not to mention the adverse economic ramifications” cautions Unit Chief Kelly Keenan of the Amador-El Dorado Unit of CAL FIRE “so please buy your firewood where you plan on burning it” adds Chief Keenan. 

For more on the Buy It Where You Burn It, please visit

Foothill Conservanc​y seeking Interim Executive Director

See Amador Groups -


Opinions & Issues -

Foothill Charter School: A Fresh Approach to Free Public Education

See Schools & Education:

AmadorArts TGIF Summer Music in the Park Concert Series - July 20 & Aug 3


Tues July 17 - This just in...

Amador LAFCO meeting cancelled. See

ACRA Announcements.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

NAMI Amador Raises $3800 in Northern California NAMI Walk

Two teams from Amador County joined Northern California NAMI Walks for the first time this year to raise funds to provide support services in Amador County for families and their members with mental illness.

Senate pro tem leader Darrell Steinberg gave spoke movingly of the need for better mental health services, and family fun, the Nickel Slots band, plus Sacramento’s classiest food trucks kept everyone entertained.
Thanks to the generosity of family, friends and other Amador residents they raised over $6000, and brought back $3800 for programs and educational classes to Amador County. With 115 teams and 1500 walkers participating, NAMI Amador’s teams were 7th and 8th top fundraisers. Including corporate sponsors, the Walk raised over $150,000.

NAMI Amador members plan to make this an annual event, and are looking forward to next year.